Our Terms
These terms will apply to the hire of all camping equipment (“Equipment”) and other services (“the Services”) provided by Event Campsites (“us” or “we”) to you (“you”) at any event (“the Event”). These terms together with your online booking form the agreement between you and us (“the Agreement”). These terms and conditions may not be released, discharged, supplemented, interpreted, varied or modified in any manner except in writing signed by us or our duly authorised representative. We may vary our terms and conditions at any time by posting amended terms and conditions to our website. The terms and conditions which apply to your booking will be those terms and conditions applicable at the time of the booking subject to any variations notified to you in advance of an Event.
Services and Equipment
2.1 Details of all the Services and Equipment we can provide to you are available on our website. The Services and Equipment are subject to change.
2.2 We will endeavour to supply the Services and Equipment in accordance with your booking at all times.
2.3 There may be times when we have to provide alternative equipment but we will always try to provide the particular equipment you have booked. If we have to provide alternative equipment it will be of the same quality or similar to that originally booked.
2.4 If the equipment we have supplied appears to be in an unsatisfactory condition you should immediately notify one of our staff or no later than 24 hours after the start of the event. We will do our utmost to change the equipment as quickly as possible but cannot guarantee we will be able to at all times. If you don’t notify our staff within the noted time period we may not be able to supply replacements.
2.5 If the equipment becomes damaged during your stay through no fault of your own or those you consented to use the equipment (actual or implied), please immediately notify one of our staff who will make an inspection. If necessary and replacement equipment is available, we will do our utmost to change or repair the equipment as quickly as possible. If we have to change the equipment it will be of the same quality or similar to that originally booked.
2.6 Equipment should be returned at the end of an event in the same condition as when first provided, subject to any wear and tear that is consistent with normal and reasonable use. We may retain the credit or debit card details provided to us when you make a booking and reserve the right to deduct an amount equivalent to the cost of repairing or replacing the equipment to the same condition as when provided to you.
2.7 Services and equipment will only be available for use during the dates and times specified when booking. If you arrive at an event before the “opening time” specified you will not be permitted to use the Services or Equipment until that time. All Equipment should be returned to us before the specified “closing time”.
2.8 Any equipment provided shall remain our property at all times.
2.9 You agree to use the services and equipment as they are intended to be used and keep the equipment in good condition subject to any wear and tear that is consistent with normal and reasonable use. You shall not put intentionally alter, modify or damage it without our prior consent.
2.10 The Equipment will only be suitable for weather conditions to the extent described by the equipment manufacturers’ information or guidelines and we will not be responsible for any damage or loss you may suffer as a result of adverse weather conditions.
2.11 You agree to treat our staff, other users of our services and equipment and other individuals at an event with respect at all times. Should you fail to do so or display any abusive, disrespectful or anti-social behaviour of any kind we reserve the right to refuse to provide any services or equipment to you and any refund will be at our absolute discretion. Event Campsites reserves the right to eject those disturbing the peace without readmission or refund.
2.12 You shall not allow anyone other than yourself and those in your booking party to use the equipment or services unless we expressly allow you to.
2.13 No unauthorised filming or sound recording. Any unauthorised recordings may be confiscated and/or destroyed by site management or security staff.
2.14 No trading is allowed on site without site management consent.
2.15 No unauthorised buses, campervans or coaches will be allowed on site.
2.16 Camping is allowed on the site only in designated camping areas, camping is only permitted with a booking confirmation form. Any tents pitched outside the designated areas or in the car parks will be removed. Gazebos are not permitted.
2.17 Wristbands are in operation which must be worn at all times for the duration of your stay.
2.18 Searches may be performed upon camp site entry and during your time on site. Site management or security shall be entitled to evict from the campsite anyone resisting search and/or confiscation of disallowed items or behaving in a manner which is likely to affect the safety or enjoyment of other persons on the campsite.
2.19 The use of air-horns, fireworks, laughing gas and unlawful drugs is not permitted on site.
2.20 Sharp objects, glass bottles, drinking glasses or anything that could be used as a weapon are not permitted on site. Please use plastic bottles, cups and cutlery.
2.21 Set up. Upon arrival at the site only one occasion of entrance with set up items for your stay is permitted.
2.22 Site management reserve the right to implement any restrictions/conditions deemed necessary before and during your visit to ensure the safe management of the camp site. You must at all times comply with any and all instructions given to you by camp site staff and stewards.
2.23 Please note that by entering the camp site you give your express consent to being photographed/filmed or sound recorded. This may include filming by the police or security staff for the security of guests or the prevention of crime.
Bookings and Payment
3.1 We only accept online/internet bookings for our services.
3.2 Details of the prices of all our services and equipment are available on our website. We sometimes vary these prices and you are advised to check our current prices before booking. The price you will pay for the services we supply to you will be the price displayed on our website at the time of booking (unless there is an error on the website).
3.3 All payments must be made by credit or debit card online and made in full at the time of booking.
3.4 When payment in full is received you will be sent an email confirming your booking containing a unique booking number. We will request a copy of your booking confirmation email to be provided before we will allow you to use the services or equipment.
3.5 You may alter your booking at any time prior to the event. If the altered services you require are more expensive than those originally booked you must pay the difference in the two prices at the time you alter the booking. If the altered Services you require are less expensive than under the original booking we may, at our absolute discretion and if requested more than 7 days before the event start, refund to you the difference in the two prices. In addition, any such alteration to your booking will incur an administration fee of £10.
3.6 Any alteration to your booking in accordance with clause 3.5 will be subject to space and equipment availability. We will always try our best to meet your requirements for an altered booking but if we are unable to do so your original booking will still be valid or you may ask for a refund. If you ask for a refund clause 4 will apply.
3.7 Our services and equipment are for hire only and payment does not confer ownership unless expressly stated otherwise.
Cancellations and Refunds
4.1 You may cancel your booking at any time prior to the start of the Event. Cancellations will only be accepted in writing, notifying us by email.
4.2 If you request to cancel a booking 15 days or more prior to your rental start date a full refund will be provided.
4.3 If you request to cancel a booking between 7-14 days prior to your rental start date a cancellation fee of 50% of the prepaid rental amount will apply.
4.4 No refunds will be given if the reservation is cancelled less than 7 days prior to your rental start date or if you fail to arrive at the event on the rental start date and do not provide advance notice.
The Event
5.1 Our campsites are not always at the same location as the Event but will be as near as we can possibly achieve. Transport to and from the Event may be provided. Please check the event information on our website for available details of location and transport.
5.2 The Events for which you book our services and equipment are not owned or operated by us and we have no responsibility towards you for any part of the event you are attending other than for services and equipment.
5.3 Without prejudice to clause 5.1 above, we may provide some of the services you have booked at through third parties. If you have a problem with any such service you should alert a member of our staff who will liaise with the relevant third party. Through the third party we will endeavour to solve any problems as quickly as possible but we will not be held responsible for any failure on the part of that third party.
5.4 Each Event may be subject to its own particular rules and regulations and we encourage you to look at the website of the Event in question for all information regarding the Event other than in relation to our services and equipment. If our campsite is in the same location of the Event and the Event’s rules and regulations impact on the services and equipment we provide to you (e.g. noise levels; curfews) we will try and inform you in advance.
5.5 We will not be held responsible for the actions of any individuals attending an Event or our campsites nor if those actions affect your enjoyment of the event or services. This applies whether or not those individuals are using our services or equipment.
5.6 If an Event is cancelled for any reason we will refund you the price of your booking. However we do reserve the right to retain 10% of the booking cost if the Event is cancelled less than two weeks prior to the Event start date. If an Event is abandoned after it has started and you have begun using our services and equipment any refund we give you will be at our sole discretion.
5.7 For the avoidance of doubt, your booking does not include a ticket for an Event itself and will not gain you admission to the Event. Tickets for all Events should be purchased independently of your booking with us.
6.1 We will not be liable to you in any circumstances for any property damage or theft (and we recommend that you do not leave any valuables in the tents unattended at any time), for pure economic loss, or for any indirect or consequential loss or damage such as lost profit, lost opportunity, lost bargain, lost reputation, loss of anticipated savings or otherwise whether caused by our negligence, the negligence of our employees or agents or otherwise.
6.2 Our total liability including the liability of our agents, subcontractors and employees in respect of any services or equipment provided to you will (except in relation to personal injury or death caused by our negligence or the negligence of our employees or agents) be limited to the amount paid for your booking.
6.3 You accept that the limitations of our liability set out above are reasonable in all the circumstances. Nothing in these terms will limit or exclude our liability to you for death or personal injury arising as a result of our negligence or the negligence of our employees or agents.
7.1 You agree that you have the power to enter into this agreement.
7.2 You will not be entitled to withhold by way of set-off, deduction, counterclaim any amounts which you owe to us against any amounts that we may owe to you.
7.3 We may use employees or self-employed contractors and we shall have discretion as to which of our employees or subcontractors are assigned to perform the services.
7.4 “Event Campsites” is a trading style of UK CCB Ltd.
7.5 We will not be liable to you or be deemed to be in breach of these terms by reason of any delay in performing, or any failure to perform, any of our obligations, if the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond our reasonable control such as severe weather, a natural disaster, strikes, governmental action, terrorism, war and civil unrest.
7.6 These terms represent the entire agreement between the parties and supersede any previous marketing information, representations or agreements whether recorded in writing or otherwise, save in the case of fraud.
7.7 No term of this Agreement will be enforceable by virtue of the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 by any person that is not a party to it.
7.8 The parties agree that these terms are fair and reasonable in all the circumstances. However, if any provision of these terms is held not to be valid by a court of competent jurisdiction but would be valid if part of the wording were deleted, then such provision shall apply with such deletions as may be necessary to make it valid. If any of the provisions in these terms are held not to be valid the remaining provisions of these terms shall remain in full force and effect.
7.9 These conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. You agree, as we do, to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
7.10 If you breach these terms and conditions and we decide to take no action or neglect to do so, then we will still be entitled to take action and enforce our rights and remedies for any other breach.